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General issues
News and announcements related to the project
40 307 8 hours ago
Help for users new and old of Pirates@Home and other BOINC projects.
Please also see the Helpdesk area!
31 182 2 hours ago
Using preferences to fine-tune Pirates@Home
14 76 215 days ago
Number Crunching
Discussion on Credit, leaderboards, and CPU performance
44 311 1 hour ago
Wish list
What features would you like to see in BOINC and Pirates@Home
40 130 2 hours ago
Team Talk
Team organization, invitations, and discussion
12 50 9 hours ago
Pirate Applications
Discussion on particular applications running on Pirates@Home
102 650 1 hour ago
Pirate Talk
Scuttlebutt and general talk amongst the crew
74 408 1 hour ago
Science discussion
Gravity Waves
3 7 471 days ago
Cosmology and Astronomy
1 1 212 days ago
Pirates@Home World Community
Piraten auf Deutsch
3 21 5 days ago
Pirates en Español
3 21 211 days ago
Corsaires en Français
3 8 3 days ago
Piraci po Polsku
2 7 4 days ago
Pirates in Portugues
4 6 3 days ago
Pirates in Russian
1 1 371 days ago

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