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06:32 AM EDT
17 Oct 2004

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Computer type
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Version Release Date MD5 Checksum
Linux/x86 4.13 15 Oct 2004 New! ab270439a271880f11ea046808253a8c
Mac OS X 4.13 15 Oct 2004 New! bef2d7e4f049810c8208ea1082034a24
Solaris 2.7 4.13 15 Oct 2004 New! 75189be39db8e00eb7333be5187b1757
Solaris 2.8 4.09 16 Sep 2004 2726d0b6f33efaefa8d51d5ff82f5242
Windows/x86 4.13 15 Oct 2004 New! 19c178a0e5fd860328ebe5b45d60319f

Instructions for installing and running BOINC are here.

If your computer is not one of the above types, you can

BOINC can be customized for languages other than English

BOINC is distributed computing software developed at the University of California by the SETI@home project.

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