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Download BOINC software

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Download BOINC from http://boinc.berkeley.edu:

Version 4.19 (released 25 Jan 2005)
This version doesn't work with some HTTP proxies.If you use a proxy and experience problems, please use version 4.23 or later, in which this problem is fixed.
Platform click to download Installation type
click for instructions
MD5 checksum of download file
Windows Download Old Windows installer 04f79ffa7409400536e80dc6d3fa50ba
Linux/x86 Download Core client only (command-line) ec1415775f2fb27eb90108686582ee65
Mac OS X Download Core client only (command-line) e8616d381dbadd11b4f9cd69d78e2808
Solaris/SPARC Download Core client only (command-line) 8cd6d3ed1028ccdd9ddeca9b13b76ec1

Instructions for installing and running BOINC are here.

If your computer is not one of the above types, you can

BOINC can be customized for languages other than English

BOINC is distributed computing software developed at the University of California by the SETI@home project.

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