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Pirates@Home - Getting started

Participating in Pirates@Home

What is Pirates@Home?

It is a test of computer software to spread out the calculations for analyzing data from physics experiments over a wide range of publicly donated computers. You run our program as a screen saver, and then it does use useful work for us even when it's not doing anything for you.

It's easy to participate in Pirates@Home:

That's it!

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    How BOINC works

    When you run BOINC on your PC, it works like this:

    1. Your PC gets a set of instructions from the project's scheduling server. The instructions depend on your PC: for example, the server won't give it work that requires more RAM than you have. The instructions may include many multiple pieces of work. Projects can support several applications, and the server may send you work from any of them.
    2. Your PC downloads executable and input files from the project's data server. If the project releases new versions of its applications, the executable files are downloaded automatically to your PC.
    3. Your PC runs the application programs, producing output files.
    4. Your PC uploads the output files to the data server.
    5. Later (up to several days later, depending on your work buffer preferences) your PC reports the completed results to the scheduling server, and gets instructions for more work.
    This cycle is repeated indefinitely. BOINC does this all automatically; you don't have to do anything.


    The project's server keeps track of how much work your computer has done; this is called credit. To ensure that credit is granted fairly, most BOINC projects work as follows:

    Please keep in mind:

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