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Primates@Home - Project Status

Server status

Program Host Status
Web serveralvarezRunning
Upload/download serveralvarezRunning
Running: Program is operating normally
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff (for debugging or maintenance)
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work (or the project is down)

Database server status

Querys/sec (avg): 23.464
Slow queries/hr: 12.579
Threads: 28
Open tables: 64
Uptime: 14 hours 9 min
Msg from hosts (unread)4,214
Msg from hosts (read)0
Msg to hosts (unsent)47
Msg to hosts (sent)0

Workflow status

State     #    
Total Workunits6,094
Total Results13,615
Results ready to send0
Results in progress950
Results ready for validation4,469
Workunits waiting for validation1,947
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for deletion0
Results waiting for deletion0

Project Summary

Users: 7,225 728 930
Hosts: 40,011 2,331 3,301
Teams: 669 417 536

As of 8:30 PM EDT
Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Total: with non-zero credit.
Active: user or host has returned work within the past 30 days; team has RAC and at least one member.
RACtive: user, host or team has non-zero Recent Average Credit which has been updated within the past 30 days.


Cluster Status Spy Hill  Research

Cluster Status

Uptime & Load

alvarez up 13:11, 0.17,
mirage up 3:31, 0.00,
moonflower up 2+00:45, 0.08,
skye up 8+01:13, 0.00,

Tue Apr  1 20:30:52 EDT 2008



20:30:06 up 13:11, 3 users, load average: 1.40, 0.67, 0.63


Project status on your handheld (HTML):

Server Software

BOINC server software version: 5.10.32

Client Software

Minimum required BOINC client software version: 5.04

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