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Pirates@Home News archive

May 25, 2005   Testing latest BOINC build software
We are releasing new versions of the Pirates applications to test the latest version of the BOINC software.

May 21, 2005   Server problems Friday night
Our server developed problems on Friday night, May 20th. Service was restored about 24 hrs later.   [link]

April 28, 2005   More News testing...
Today we are doing some more testing of the front page/RSS news system.   [link]

6 April 2005   Profile picture upload is working
The past problems with uploading a picture for your profile have been solved (a while ago now). You should be able to upload a profile picture or avatar for the forums with no problems.

31 March 2005   Testing, testing...
We are testing some news management software...

24 March 2005   Power Failure
The Pirates@Home server went down around 2:00AM EST this morning due to a loss of power on the Vassar campus caused by bad weather. The server should be restored by this evening.

28 February 2005   Pirates@Home upgraded to BOINC 4.66
The Pirates@Home web site has been upgraded to BOINC version 4.66. Some problems have already been found, but reports are welcomed.   [link]

17 January 2005   Test MacOS X installer
A prototype of an installation script for MacOS X is now available from the 'Download BOINC core client' page, and feedback and suggestions are welcomed.   [link]

31 December 2004   Upgraded to BOINC 4.57
The Pirates@Home web site has been upgraded to BOINC version 4.57, and work is being given out for scroll 4.60 compiled with BOINC 4.57. Happy New Year to all BOINC users.

21 November 2004
Some work is being let out, just to test screensaver improvements.

10 November 2004   Image upload now working
Image upload is now working for profiles and forum avatars.

9 November 2004   Forums fixed
The problem with the forums has been found and fixed.

7 November 2004
After the upgrade posting to the forums seems to be broken. We're looking into the problem...

6 November 2004
The project web site has been upgraded to BOINC version 4.54. Let us know (via the forums) if you see anything wrong.

31 October 2004   Welcome KECK pirates
Welcome to new members of the Pirates crew from the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium

19 September 2004
Arrr! Greetings to the crew on this fine Talk Like a Pirate Day. We are continuing to let out a few short workunits to test scheduling and graphics.

16 September 2004
Arrr! We just want to make sure all the crew know that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. The gravity wave hunters in Hannover will probably want to talk like a Pirate auf Deutsch.

12 September 2004
We 'found our keys', and now the scheduler is up and unrestricted. We are letting out some very small test workunits, but only a few at a time to see how they do. BOINC version 4 is now the required client.

9 September 2004
The download problem has been fixed. It was just a missing directory, not a problem with signatures. We are continuing to 'tweak' and try out the whole cycle of work creation and validation with BOINC 4.

8 September 2004
New account creation has been enabled. We are mostly converted over to BOINC 4 but there are still a few problems. In particular downloading of executables (BOINC itself or applications) is not working correctly, probably due to bad file signatures. We will post a note when it's fixed.

7 September 2004   Discussion Forums
The discussion forums are now working, both the Helpdesk (Questions and Problems) and the Message Boards.   [link]

2 September 2004
New account creation is disabled while we work on converting over from BOINC version 3 to version 4. If you want to join the project please come back later.

29 August 2004
We will be updating to BOINC version 4 sometime in the next week or two, after we see that SETI@Home and Predictor@Home have succeeded in doing so. ClimatePrediction.net has just started using BOINC and they are already using version 4. You should therefore consider upgrading your version of BOINC over the next few weeks, but you should also consult the web sites for the other projects in which you participate for better news about their plans. (You have to upgrade the core client manually, it is not done automatically).

We will continue to give out work mainly to just a few selected sites as we test our code, but we will occasionally give out work for everybody in the project when that aids our testing. Thank you, as always, for letting us use your computers.

5 August 2004
Work is only being given out to selected sites as we test our code with our collaborators. Please feel free to look around and attach to the project, but please don't expect work for a while as we go through internal testing.

29 July 2004
We now have a working screensaver that does some simple graphics, to show that we think we know what we are doing. :-)

21 July 2004
Arrgh! Our small test server has been overloaded by all the new users, so we are throttling back on work. We really were not ready for users, we are just testing our project setup. We hope you'll come back later when we are ready for you.

20 July 2004
Welcome to all our recent new users. We don't have much work for you yet. We are trying to get graphics to appear in the screen saver, not just the 'Show Graphics' pulldown, but it's not happening yet. Also, credit may or may not be given, so please don't worry about that yet. But we do appreciate you joining the project. Please stay tuned...

9 July 2004
We now have apps for Windows with simple screensaver graphics. Don't be surprised if your screen turns yellow for a bit.

5 July 2004
Credit is now being given for some simple jobs. Please keep in mind that since this is a test project not all jobs will be given credit, and credit might be reset from time to time.

2 July 2004
We now have apps to run for Windows, but there are no graphics yet.

24 June 2004
Hello again, now we can do file input as well as output.

16 June 2004
Hello World! Today we had our first successful app run on another host.

10 June 2004
Pirates@Home has moved to http://pirates.vassar.edu

9 June 2004
We have succeeded in creating a single work unit. Wow.

8 June 2004
Account login/logout on the web site now working.

7 June 2004
Primitive news system working (as you can see).

6 June 2004
Accounts can now be created. Please read the Rules and Policies page first.

2 June 2004
Project created.

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