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AAARGH! Welcome, mates, to the Pirates@Home project!
This is a test of the the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
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Pirates@Home is a test of BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. One goal of the project is to help develop a screensaver for Einstein@Home. At present Pirates@Home is not doing any real scientific computation. We are just having fun with BOINC. You can read more about Pirates@Home Research Goals here.

The goal of Einstein@Home is to use distributed public computing to provide the computational power needed to search for gravitational radiation using data from the LIGO and GEO 600 gravity wave detectors. You can participate in Einstein@Home here.

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    Don't forget International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th!

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    Pirates@Home is always under development, so please don't expect it to work all the time. In fact, right now we have very little work, just occasional tests.


    June 23, 2005   Pirates@Home shuts down tomorrow
    The Pirates@Home project and web site will shut down sometime in the late morning (EST) on Friday, June 24th, 2005.   [link]

    June 22, 2005   Database corruption (again) repaired
    The project database became corrupted again last night when a disk partition filled up. It was repaired in place this morning.

    June 20, 2005   Database corruption repaired
    The project database apparantly became corrupted sometime on Sunday. It was repaired in place on Monday morning.

    June 16, 2005   Treachary amongst us?
    Has a way been found to trick BOINC into giving out more credit, or does the Cap'n just run a loose ship? Find out here:   [link]

    June 14, 2005   Pirates@Home hacked!
    The Pirates@Home server was hacked on Sunday morning, June 12th. The intrusion was detected quickly and the machine was blocked from the network. Getting back up required a full system inspection and re-install, and we used the opportunity to perform an already planned system upgrade. Details will be posted to the forums when the database server is back on-line.   [link]

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